Drug Design

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  1. Structure-based Design of Drugs and Other Bioactives Molecules: Link Download
  2. In silico drug discovery and design : theory, methods, challenges, and applications : Link Download
  3. Drug Design Strategies Quantitative Approaches: Link Download
  4. Drug Metabolism in Drug Design and Development Basic Concepts and Practice: Link Download
  5. Drug-like Properties  Concepts, Structure Design and Methods from ADME to Toxicity Optimization: Link Download
  6. Protein-ligand Interactions Methods and Applications: Link Download
  7. 3D QSAR in Drug Design Ligand-Protein Interactions and Molecular Similarity: Link Download
  8. Designing Multi-Target Drugs: Link Download
  9. Cardiovascular Drug Development Protocol Design and Methodology Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology , Vol 35: Link Download
  10. Drug Design Structure- and Ligand-Based Approaches: Link Download
  11. Methods in Enzimology Fragment-Based Drug Design: Link Download
  12. Protein – Ligand Intraction Methods and Applications: Link Download
  13. Library Design, Search Methods, and Applications of Fragment-Based Drug Design: Link Download
  14. Computational Drug Discovery and Design Methods in Molecular Biology: Link Download
  15. Structure-based drug design: Link Download
  16. Structure-Based Drug Design Experimental and Computational Approaches: Link Download
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